ennis church steeple

In a town as small as Ennis, there is not much to see, particularly if one has been here before and has no car to take a drive to the countryside. During the slow months, the coffeehouse is not open on Sundays. It reopens next month, but today the coffeehouse was closed. Had it been open, I would have had someplace to go today even for half an hour.

He had a day off today. We took a brief walk in the early afternoon and had a pint of Guinness at Knox's, but stayed home the rest of the day. It was raining and gloomy - typical Irish weather. I am not used to this weather, to the cold, but am glad for the absence of any effects of allergies as I had back home.

Not many words were exchanged today as we thought about how to move forward. The plans we had for the summer would have to be put on hold. We both need to figure things out. Both of us will be moving soon. He will be moving in with a friend and I will need to find a house to rent in the next month or two.

We took another walk tonight. The effects of staying indoors and watching episode after episode of 'Friends' were getting to us. It was a walk with few words. We both were thinking what our next step should be. Merging two lives on opposite sides of the world is not a simple task.

Earlier in the day we discussed my not returning to Ennis. Our next meeting will have to be in the States. For now, I need to focus on getting my children through the end of the school year and finding employment in the next few months. Convincing an employer to give a stay-at-home mother of 8+ years a chance has not been an easy task. Still, I must move forward.