ennis river bw

The days until I return to my home in Texas can be counted on one hand by now. Four more, to be exact. It is then when I return to reality, to a life filled with finding employment - as difficult as it may be. I am looking forward to seeing my little ones and I am sure they will be happy to see me too.

Cinnamon, my middle child, had to go to the pediatrician today due to an earache. In addition to treating the ear problems, she was diagnosed with 'a slight lung infection'. Unfortunately, she missed class pictures but such things are bound to happen at one point or another. My boy is coughing and might also have to visit a pediatrician, although I hope it is not necessary. I am not there to be with them but am awaiting their call on Skype tonight. It is the best I can do until next week.

My days indulging at the coffeehouse are also coming to an end. I went today for my usual cappuccino and fruit scone with whipped cream and mixed berry jam. I know when I return home I will no longer get to indulge in such luxury as sitting at the coffeehouse on a daily basis or weekly for that matter.

Relaxing in bed was something else I relished today as I watched whatever German show I did not already see on ZDF Mediathek. I even found a new series to watch - 'Heldt'. With every show I watch, I understand more and more of the everyday German language. As my children grow, we will be able to speak more German in the house and when we are out and about.

Our days are numbered, our futures unknown. Life is not easy or predictable, though we may at times wish it to be. Nobody knows how our lives will turn out. The future can change in an instant. Being present, being in the moment is what is most important.