skylight ennis

At some point, the days blend into each other. It becomes difficult to tell them apart. Is it Thursday or Friday, I think. I grab my iPhone to check. It is Friday today. Some days are better. Others are worse. Today was not too bad. My boyfriend had to go to work again but he did not need to leave until noon so there was time for us to eat breakfast together. It is nice not to have to eat alone.

After my shower, I dressed and readied myself for the day. What would come of the day was unknown and known at the same time. I knew I would visit the coffeehouse but did not know what the rest of the day would bring. I went into the kitchen and cracked four eggs into a large soup bowl. I added salt, flour, sour cream, and buttermilk and mixed it all together for what I knew as 'kajgana' growing up. Whilst I waited for the stove to warm up, I cut up the vegetables. Baby tomatoes, green bell peppers, and avocado. Avocados are rare here in Ireland but I was able to find a decent Haas avocado.

My boyfriend claims never to have eaten an avocado. He has tasted guacamole but if it was anything like the one we had in Cork, I could understand why he has kept away from them for so long. He tasted one piece and said it did not really taste like anything. Granted, this avocado was a bit watery and not as tasty as the ones I remember back home. He did not seem to dislike it too much but wondered why one would put salt on a fruit.

Last night when he arrived home, we sat down and ate penne pasta with the tomato sauce I made earlier in the evening. I warned him it was spicy. 'Your spicy' he asked. I knew what he meant. The Urfa chilies I was sprinkling into the sauce came out a bit too fast. I could have spooned out some of the chilies, but left them as is instead. The sauce was a tiny spicy for me but very spicy for him. I told him he would get used to it.

The coffeehouse was the only stop I made outside the house today. The rain made it an easy decision to stay indoors. I took the advice to relax and enjoy the rest of my vacation. I read some of my book and cooked potato leek soup later in the evening. As another day draws to a close, I think about how some days things are better whilst others are worse. Then I think how we simply need to cherish the moment and figure out how to move forward in both good days and bad.