the coffeehouse

Getting more days off from work seemed impossible but I am glad he was given both today and tomorrow. We needed it as it gave us a chance to spend one more day out in town before our last day. I can hardly believe it is almost time for me to go once again. It both seems like I have been gone forever and just a few days.

To my children, I am sure it seems I have been gone forever. Sage asked me the other day on Skype when I would be back. He did not like my answer of 'next week'. Mostly he was concerned about the amount of rainbow heart stickers he would have to put on his calendar - the Lego calendar hanging above his bed. I was not able to find more of those stickers this time. Perhaps next time.

Our last time at the coffeehouse is something I will remember fondly. The room was full when we walked in and Conor said my table was not available but the other one by the window was. We were lucky as it was the last unoccupied table for a while. As we sat and waited for our cappuccinos, I started talking about how busy the coffeehouse has been and how nice it would be if Conor would expand into the other space next door which now houses random items for sale.

Upon leaving, we spoke with Conor and I mentioned how I thought it would be nice if he would be able to grab the neighboring space. 'I am far ahead of you' he replied. Then he continued to tells us he will be expanding in a month and should be ready the next time I return. He also talked about the rationale of playing 1920s music. He said if we recognise a song, we might stop the conversation and note our familiarity of it. On the other hand, the conversation continues if songs which we do not recognize play in the background. Interesting, I thought.

After we left the coffeehouse, we had a few things to do in regards to paperwork. Before our trip to the grocery store for items I needed for burek, we stopped at Preacher's Pub for a pint of Guinness. It was to commemorate a time in the past when we almost missed our meeting each other. Later in the evening, after a 'snack' of basmati rice with parmesan and roasted asparagus, red peppers, and radishes, we went to Knox's for a baby Guinness. The day from work was just what we needed. It was a day well spent together.