The last day is never a pleasant one as we know what is to come. We know the hours and minutes are limited. The time together becomes tense a little because of this knowledge. Yet we somehow continue throughout the day until it is time to go to bed. An early bedtime due to an early flight back home.

Sundays are still in this town. Close to no shops are open save for the three grocery stores. The streets are bare unlike the day before when the town was full of life with both tourists and residents. But today it was still and cold and rainy.

Rain held us hostage today. It kept us indoors for most of the day. We waited for the rain to stop so we could at least go out for some fresh air. We did - twice. Shortly after we awoke, we made it outside as the rain let up. Not long afterwards, it started again albeit lightly. In the late afternoon we took another walk but the winds picked up and the air become quite cold.

Lunch was burek. I adapted my father's recipe to a smaller sheet pan but did not realise the fillo sheets here were not as the ones back home. I should have read the box which stated '6 sheets' were inside. The sheets were smaller and thicker and dusted with flour. Despite the setback, I made the burek and introduced my boyfriend to another food he has never eaten. I was glad he liked it. 

The evening draws to a close. For the most part, my bags are packed. I had to take my cake pans, spices, and the rest of my baking and cooking items I brought with me last time. He will not need those items, except for the Urfa chilies, and I will not be here to bake a cake for him as I did the banana cake today. It will be a while until we see each other again. A long while this time.