new york skyline

By the time I walked into my house in Texas it was 21,00h and I had been awake and traveling for close to 22 hours. I was tired of having to sit for most of those hours and am glad I will be lying down on a bed. Wedged in between the aisle and window seats, I was unable to get up for five hours due to the girl on the aisle seat having slept for so many hours and the guy in front of her having reclined his seat.

All night long the wind was howling and the sleet sounded like icicles hitting the window. It was cold and the fallen sleet on the ground looked like snow. My boyfriend got his neighbor friend to take us to the airport. It was far too early for either or them but they made the half-hour journey to Shannon airport. Neither my boyfriend nor I wished for me to leave but we knew it must be this way for now.

The cold in Ireland was something I wished to leave behind. When I checked the weather forecast for Austin, I noticed the temperature was to drop from 21C to 2C in a matter of one day. There is a possibility for snow but there will be ice for certain. Ice here means the children will be starting school two hours later. I will see my three little ones tomorrow evening after I will have caught up on much needed sleep.

When I walked into my house tonight, I did not expect the temperature inside to be so low. But with the heater not working, it was no surprise the thermostat registered a mere 9C. Heating the place up for two hours did not make much difference as the temperature rose to 15C but only upstairs and not close to the wall of windows. The windows are not insulated as I can feel the cold air from outside blowing inside. Heavy curtains would solve that issue but making holes in the window frames is pointless at this point and, I believe, not allowed per rental agreement.

Tonight I will have to crawl under the down comforter and hope the room warms up more by morning. It is definitely time to move out of this place to a much warmer one. My boyfriend will also be moving but unfortunately not to the States just yet. Hopefully later this year but moving across the world is not as simple as moving to another part of town or simply across the courtyard, as it is in his case. I am certain he will prefer the warmth of Texas in the summer months to that of Ireland.