suas february 2015

'I see you more than I do my other customers' said the guy to me at the Suas CoffeeHouse this afternoon as we walked in. He knows me from my previous visits as I would sit at the table by the window and enjoy a flat white with a scone whilst my boyfriend would be at work. Today I was not alone and cherished the time we spent together.

After another long morning in bed, feeling under the weather and battling jetlag, I decided to go out for some fresh air with my boyfriend. There was no rain today, nor was it particularly cold. We sat at my favourite spot by the window which overlooks town centre and ordered cappuccinos.

'Open it' he said, referring to the card he handed me on the way over. A beautiful card with simple words for no reason other than to say how he felt. Neither of us believes in Valentine's Day as every day can be Valentine's Day. There is no need to wait for a manmade holiday to express how we feel.

We sat there and sipped our cappuccinos whilst enjoying the simplicity of the moment, talking about everything and nothing in particular. I was glad he got a week off from work so we are able to spend morning to night together. Conversing via Skype is not the same as living in the same home on a daily basis, so enjoying the moments we have together now is something we cherish. 

The day was turning into the evening as evidenced by the headlights of the cars passing by - some cars absent of headlights. We left the coffeehouse and walked over to Knox's, going up the stairs to The Storehouse restaurant where we met with a friend of my boyfriend's who works there. We had one drink - me a glass of Merlot, he a pint of Guinness - and watched as the evening crowd walked in for dinner. I was able to take a few photographs of the place albeit it was a bit dark.


The walk home was a short one as the apartment is in the centre of town. It is also convenient for my boyfriend's work as it is a mere five minute walk. This kind of convenience is not one I enjoy back home in the States as a simple drive to the grocery store I frequent can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes. If we need some vegetables for dinner here, we simply walk around the corner and are back home in less than 15 minutes.

ennis bookshop feb 2015

Dinner was simple as neither of us was hungry enough to prepare a full meal. Instead, we snacked on the pistachios I brought from home and enjoyed a quiet evening at home. Stepping out for some fresh air was what I needed today after having to battle a second day of jetlag. A brisk walk in the cool winter air, a stop for coffee at my favourite coffeehouse, and a stop at another favourite spot was the perfect end to my second day In Ireland.