willows ennis

The simple things in life are the ones most memorable. They are also the ones we take for granted most often. A hug, a kiss, the holding of each other's hands. We busy ourselves daily with mundane tasks which we bemoan. We tell ourselves we do not have time for a walk or a chat with a good friend as we have chores to complete. But then come the days when we regret those choices - days we wished we have slowed down and enjoyed the small pleasures life gives us.

Today we took a walk, as we did yesterday. Albeit a short and constructive walk to grocery stores for a few vegetables and cheese, it was something we are not able to do together often. There are many things we are not able to do from afar as distance is our enemy, our challenge. Skype is fine for communicating on a daily basis but nothing takes the place of being together in person. The little time we have now we make a point to not take for granted even if it is simply a walk to the store or time spent sitting in silence together.

Early this afternoon we parted ways for an hour. He went to meet a friend, I went to the coffeehouse. Going to the coffeehouse is my simple pleasure and not something I enjoy back home. For the past three years I have boycotted Starbucks and thus no longer frequent the chain coffee shop. On the rare occasion, I drive the 30 minutes to downtown Austin for a cappuccino at The Hideout, but more often than not it is a hassle due to the lack of parking. So, today I enjoyed my quiet moment upstairs at the Suas CoffeeHouse in Ennis.

The soccer game between Liverpool and Everton was playing this afternoon, so he needed to be home in time for his game. I sat on the couch and watched with him although I am not a fan of any sports. Soccer (European football) I can watch and have played the sport as a child, but I told him if he watched American football I would have to leave him.

He prepared dinner during the first half of the game. You know a man loves you and cares for you when he sacrifices a game he has looked forward to watching in order to make you a nice dinner. It was a lovely dinner of sea bass, potatoes with onions, and cucumbers with red peppers on the side and I greatly appreciated him taking the time to make it for us and to clean up the kitchen afterwards.

We sat and watched the rest of the goalless game and laughed hard when I commented on one of the important players being exchanged because he had to take a bathroom break. I knew it was not the case, but my boyfriend said he was injured. I said he didn't look injured and maybe needed a break.

The little pleasures in life we need to make sure to take the time to enjoy. If we hurry through life, we will miss out on important memories. Sometimes work needs to be set aside in order to make time for a child's school party, a bedtime story, dinner together, or to simply sit together and enjoy a silent moment. Regrets of the future can be avoided if we remember to take time for the simple things.