late evening tree

The day wore on as I busied myself with grocery shopping and thoughts of moving. Preoccupying my mind with ideas of how to set up the new place keeps me from wondering when my boyfriend and I will see each other again. We 'see' each other on a daily basis, but Skype is no substitute for being together in person. Still, it is better than communicating simply via email.

He had a day off from work today and spent it waiting on the cable guy. He even awoke extra early but the cable guy never came, having called in sick in the morning. Perhaps too much partying the night before. There was a soccer game my boyfriend planned on watching, but was able to see it online instead. We spoke before and after the game but words were few.

The circumstances are different this time. Unlike before, there is no future trip planned where we can count the days until we meet again. So, we wait but patience does not come easy for either of us. Despite the difficulties, we vow to wait for each other no matter how long the time - both unyielding in our decision.

Early spring potted herbs were displayed outside both Central Market and Whole Foods today. I contemplated getting both an oregano plant and a thyme plant before deciding to wait until late next week when I get the keys to my new place. A cherry tomato plant is also on my list of plants to have in my yard, as is rosemary and basil.

The peach tree I purchased last year for $5, in the sale section of the gardening department at Lowe's, has started to sprout new leaves despite my not having watered any of the plants on the patio for months. The self-watering system failed last July when the battery compartment of the timer got wet and corroded. I had left for Ireland and never replaced the timer upon my return. I wonder if any of the other now dead plants will be revived when I move.

Warmer weather means spending more time outdoors. I look forward to sitting out in the yard and tending to my small container garden. Watching plants grow brings me great pleasure as does getting to use the herbs and tomatoes in my kitchen.

It is hard to believe we are halfway through March already. Soon it will be Easter, then Mother's Day, followed by Sage's 6th birthday, and finally the end of another school year. This summer will be an interesting one indeed but no plans have yet been made. Still, we will wait. With each passing day, our unyielding love for each other grows stronger. What we started must be completed. Giving up is not an option.