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The events of the week have taken its toll on both a physical and emotional level, from the string of illnesses to signing a new lease to struggling to provide a nurturing home to three young children as a single parent. When we are outnumbered by our children, there is a growing sense of helplessness and the ability to deal with the stress in an effective manner. Our health suffers and our being able to unwind as the day comes to an end takes more time as the days progress.

When the world seems to be caving in on us, we fight to stay on top until the battle becomes too much for one person to fight alone. We strive to be heard but the voices of those around us drown out our own. We are weakened and left to pick up the pieces without assistance from anyone. At the end of the day, no one is around to offer a hug or warm loving smile. We then retreat to our beds alone and start the day anew the following morning.

Though it might seems like it at times, not every day is wrought with stress. Certainly there are little things we worry about on a daily basis, but the days when everything seems to be coming down on us at once are the days we dread the most. Anything more which comes our way to add to our stress is one too many a thing with which we have to deal. We then shut down and tune out all around us as a method of self-preservation.

In times of high stress, our steadfastness as well as our patience is tested to the extreme. Some of us are able to come out of this trying time unscathed. Others of us feel defeated and wonder when it will be our turn for the universe to show us some kindness. Whatever the case may be, we must continue to move forward one step at a time. Though it may appear the steps taken thus far have made no difference, it is only when we look back at our path that we realise how far we have come.

The struggle to be heard becomes less of an issue when relaxation has taken over and our bodies and minds are at peace. Those around us who have been in similar situations will understand and will try to alleviate stress any way they can. In the case there is no one around, we must find a way to unwind and return to a place where peace resides. For some it might be listening to music or sitting in a quiet room. To others it might mean turning our negative energies into good use in the form of creating something which brings joy to us and those around us.