sunset 331

In most situations, the first steps are the most difficult to take as when a baby takes its first steps when learning to walk. When we measure the progress of our goals, we tend to get overwhelmed upon the realisation that the time to get where we would like to be is taking much longer than anticipated. Until we look closer at the baby steps already taken, we will not see the distance we have already traveled.

Those baby steps are at times too small for us to notice and see they are making a difference. We tend to overlook them and end up getting frustrated at the lack of progress we seem to have made. Time seems to drag on and we wish for it to speed up its pace. Instead of enjoying the time we have been given, we fret over something which matters not in the grand scheme of things.

Today I took a small step towards creating something new for my shop. Having stayed away from adding anything new to my shop for over two years, the act of even thinking about creating anything was significant for me. I selected three different colours of silk sari ribbon, cut each into the length needed, and started to make one lace flower to attach to the ribbon. Though I do not have a finished product, progress was made, albeit small.

Although more of a creative outlet for me than a business endeavour at this point, the shop lets me express myself in a way different than through cooking or writing. The past two to three years have been devoid of much anything creative. The effort I made was small as was the motivation to do anything, creative or otherwise. My bake book project was cast to the wayside. My photography suffered as well. I decided now is the time to take back my life and do something.

The move to the new house also involves taking baby steps. Today I set a goal of one trip and managed to do just that by taking the zebra chair, two wooden stools, an ottoman, and three book boxes. Though it might not seem as much, it means one less trip to take tomorrow and more items leaving the old place and making their way to a place where I get to start anew. With patience and perseverance, one baby step leads to another and in time will get us to our ultimate goal.