girls and foosball

The first week of March has come to an end. Another week and it will be Spring Break. Two weeks after the break and Easter will arrive. Two months after Easter and the children will be out of school for the summer. Time seems to pass by quicker each year as we age. For the children, however, one day is too long a time to wait for its end. Today was one of those never ending days.

The day would have turned out differently had the flu not decided to grab hold of me early this morning. An overwhelming sense of tiredness, a sore throat, and an ache took over my body. Had the children not been staying with me this weekend, I would have simply slept it off. With the children running around and needing care, my day consisted of anything but sleep.

Breakfast would have been polenta with maple syrup instead of cereal, bread with peanut butter and honey, pistachios, and oranges. It was a simple yet healthy breakfast, but one I prefer to have during the week when we are short on time. Weekends are for slowing down and enjoying the time we have to sit together at the table for longer than usual.

Quiet time was nonexistent throughout the day, though I asked the children several times to sit with a book for at least 15 minutes and read in silence. Silence was not on the agenda for today. The girls played with the foosball table in the afternoon whilst Sage coloured in his colouring book. Earlier in the morning, the girls played with their Lego Friends sets and their brother finished his Lego bulldozer - the one he started only last night.

Despite the never ending day, the children did not find themselves at a lack of something to do. Since today was movie night, I let them watch the Curious George movie on my laptop. They have gone through the only two children's movies I own several times now and it is perhaps time to buy some more. With the day now having turned to night and the children fast asleep, quiet has arrived as has the promise of restful sleep.