Sunsets are what I will miss most about living at the old place. The view from the upstairs window in the living room where the children slept is stunning when the colours are rich as they were tonight. The new place has limited light but it has a yard which this place does not. Life is about tradeoffs as you rarely get everything you want.

In life we must learn to adapt to change and make compromises when necessary. With change there is fear but the fear we must learn to overcome as eventually it will weigh us down and prevent us from moving forward. Today I made a tradeoff as I weighed my options with regards to my move. 

Before I even had this job I planned on today being the day I would have to movers come move everything which I could not take in the minivan. When I found out about the job, I scheduled the move for Saturday, then Monday, then Tuesday, and finally today. Last night I saw I would not be ready in time, so I sent another email to the moving company to change the move to Thursday.

This morning I decided to simply go ahead with the move. So, I sent another email to the movers letting them know today would be the move. Though I had to give up a day of work at the new job so that I could get everything ready for the movers, I had no other choice as my children were coming to stay with me this Friday afternoon.

The decision was not an easy one but relieved much of the stress and apprehension I had been feeling the past few days. Had it not been for the children arriving Friday, I would have simply gone to work and rescheduled the movers for some time next week. The tradeoff between work and my children was a necessary one as is reducing their stress when they arrive.

We will most likely still be here at the old place sleeping on the floor for the last week as I will have no time to assemble any of their beds or set up anything else. It will also be more convenient to have the children get on the bus at 07,00h so that I can make it to work on time. At the new place, there is no bus route since we live so close to school. In addition, the school doesn't even open until 07,25h albeit parents can drop off their children ten minutes earlier to eat breakfast at the cafeteria.

Along with the evening came a sense of relief as I was able to talk with my boyfriend without the stress I was feeling the last two days. The pressure of the move weighed heavily on our relationship which is already strained with our not being able to be together. After our texts, emails, and Skype session we resolved to keep going despite the fears we feel. Fear of the unknown can paralyse us if we let it. For better and worse, we will keep going.