The light storm this afternoon which accompanied my drive home from work made me realise to never put off doing something as you never know what could happen tomorrow. There was a bit of rain and a few flashes of lightening in the overcast skies above. Having the movers come yesterday to move my furniture proved to be a good idea.

My plan tonight was to move a few more items from the old place but fatigue set in and I simply could not get myself to move even one box into the car. Going to be early should help me recover from yesterday's moving of boxes and bed parts. It will also get me ready to take on the weekend and to clear out the old place as the children's father has offered to take the three this weekend so I can finish my move.

Whilst at work today, I received three or four emails from my oldest daughter telling me she loves me and misses me. I had not heard from her via email since she was in Berlin, perhaps due to her iPhone having been taken away for a short while. I wondered if those were old emails just now coming through or new ones written from school. It turned out they were new emails sent today.

Saffron and her sister stayed home sick today whilst their brother went to school alone. I will miss the three this weekend but know I must take the time I have to set up their beds, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Anything else can wait until a later time. The most important things need to be taken care of first.

Tonight was another beautiful sunset accompanied by dark grey clouds. I wondered why I had not taken time before to stop and look outside the window as the sun was setting. Perhaps I let other insignificant things get in the way of my stopping to appreciate the beauty nature gives us. When we stop to appreciate the little things, we get rewarded in unexpected ways.