stormy sunset 417

Throughout life we experience many lessons. The lessons we learn serve to guide us in making wise decisions in the future, but sometimes we do not get quite as much from the lesson to be learned as we should. Sometimes we make the same mistake over again and expect an outcome different from the time before. We think we have learned from our past mistakes, yet we continue to make more mistakes.

Tonight I drove to the new place despite the storm and pouring rain. I walked around the house, now filled with furniture and boxes, looking at ways to reorganise the place. As I glanced at the front leg of my 20-drawer wooden cabinet, I noticed a 3-inch long gash which was one quarter of an inch wide.

The damage to the unique piece of furniture was not something which would have been overlooked had it happened prior to the move. It was a piece I selected from Cost Plus World Market years ago upon moving into the house where the children were born. Therefore, the cabinet was moved only once last year when my ex helped me move it into this townhouse. At such point, there was no damage.

The lesson to be learned from this ordeal is that nobody takes care of the property you own quite like you do even if someone gets paid for it. I believed incorrectly that the movers would have wrapped the furniture in padded blankets before the move and to have moved the items on a dolly. However, when I inquired about that, they replied the blankets would cause the furniture to slip as they carried it. They do, however, cover the furniture with blankets once in the van.

Whilst it is understandable that these are simply material possessions, one should take care of personal property in any case. Another lesson to learn is if you are able to move the little things yourself, do so. Do not allow others to pack your stuff unless there is a valid reason for it. Otherwise, broken items will start appearing throughout the day. I am glad I was able to move the things I had already moved as I can imagine the carelessness of handling other people's possessions.

As I get ready for tomorrow's day of work at both residences, I reflect upon the time I will have this weekend for much needed rest. Another lesson I am still learning...listen to your body and do not fight sleep as there is a likelihood it will catch you when you least expect it.

Lessons we learn in life are many. Some we listen to, others we do not. Most important is for us to keep moving forward despite the obstacles which stand in our way.