sunset tree 402

Today was one of those days where you stare at a pile of things which need to get done but somehow you are unable to get yourself to do them. It is not because you do not want to do them. You simply tend to overthink things until you realise the day is about to end. Somehow when the urgency of getting something completed is taken away, we tend to drag our feet until the time comes when we can no longer put things off.

My body ached this morning as I awoke later than usual. Sleep came easily last night as opposed to the many previous nights when the clock would strike past 02,00h and I would still be awake. I had planned on packing a box of small bowls I have as photography props but stopped when I realised I would need to go out to get the foam separators. At that point, I decided the task would have to wait until tomorrow as I had not planned on being exposed to pollen today.

After a most uninspiring breakfast of coffee and stale bread with butter and strawberry jam, I went upstairs and finished one headband for my shop. As I was finishing up the second headband, I pulled hard on the delicate needle and ended up breaking the needle's eye. In order to find the missing piece, I had to take apart all of my work including the bead and ruched lace. In the absence of another beading needle, I had to abandon my fun project and think about packing again.

The children's puzzles did manage to get into a box as did the still-packaged indigo velvet drapes I purchased last year but never hung on the windows. I worked on the kitchen and some laundry but more I somehow could not get myself to do. At this point, I would prefer to already be living at the new place and it is certainly a goal I have set for myself to complete by the end of next week.

Tomorrow is another chance to accomplish what I could not do today. Since I know the children will arrive at 18,00h, I have that sense of urgency I need in order to get done what needs to get done. This will be that last week the children will be living at the townhouse. When they return the next time, their beds will be in their rooms at the new house and the backyard will be waiting for them along with the porch swing.