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The day progressed at a languid pace as minutes turned into hours. After my morning chat with my boyfriend in Ireland, I ventured outside for a brief while before returning to the old place. There were things to get done as my children were to arrive later in the evening.

Though I had planned on taking more boxes to the new place, I decided to wait until Monday to do so. There are three more weeks left until I turn in the keys to the townhouse. Work can wait two days so I have time to focus on the children this Easter weekend.

On my iPhone, I have been watching I Love Lucy reruns for the past couple of weeks as I sit and eat my meals alone. I watched on the iPad for a while until YouTube stopped working. I am on the third season thus far. As a child, I remember watching this black and white television show and years later I still enjoy the crazy antics of Lucy. 

What is interesting to note is the role of the typical housewife as portrayed on the show. Ricky was the breadwinner, whilst Lucy was in charge of the household. Her duties were to make him breakfast in the morning and take care of the house with her allotted monthly allowance. Often she would overspend on her dress-buying habit and would pay for it one way or another.

There was the time she bought furniture without her husband's approval and tried to hide it in the kitchen. Upon discovering this, Ricky took the furniture to his nightclub until Lucy had saved up enough money to pay for it from her allowance. This all came to a halt when she attempted to save money by making her own dress and giving herself a perm - both of which ended up in a disaster with Ricky taking pity on her in the end.

One could get lost in the details of this sitcom from the 50s. There were many memorable episodes which never get old such as the 'Job Switching' episode where Lucy and Ethel got jobs in a chocolate factory whilst their husbands took care of the household. All of this lasted for a day as they realised how difficult it was to do the job the other did. 

Oftentimes we fail to recognise and appreciate the work done by the other partner in a couple. We take each other for granted and get lost in mindless arguing at the end of the day. Instead, we should learn to take time to slow down once in a while and get lost in something which brings us laughter and joy instead of stress and unhappiness. The world would be a better place if we could laugh more and take time to enjoy the little things in life.