sunset 430

Dreams of a summer with my boyfriend appear to be merely dreams. At this point, matters are out of my hands as I have done all I could to ensure we see each other sooner than Christmas. The decision is now at the mercy of my boyfriend’s boss which no doubt means holidays will not be granted during the time I am able to go to Ireland. A busy travel season and a co-worker having already requested the same time off works against our long-awaited summer reunion.

Despite our not being able to see each other, we will not let that get in the way of our wanting to continue this long distance relationship. It is a challenge unlike any other but one which strengthens our resolve. Frustrations abound on a daily basis as we fight the daily battles alone though not alone. On more than one occasion we almost gave up. Somehow we found the strength to keep going. Something urged us both to continue on this path.

The times we feel like giving up are a sign to work harder towards our goal. The goal of our being together on one continent sometime in the future. The goal of sharing our lives, of overcoming obstacles which stand in our way. The little things others take for granted are ones to which we look forward. Eating dinner together or getting to say ‘goodnight’ in person. Or simply taking a walk outside as the sun sets on another day. Maintaining a positive attitude is all we can do as we wait to reach the next chapter in our lives. Life moves forward. Our story continues.