ice cream sandwiches

The urgency to move as many items as I can in less than two days hit this morning as my 'old' landlord informed me he will be arriving at the townhouse Wednesday at 10am. There was no asking if the day or time was acceptable for me, but at least it wasn't during dinner. I did not feel the need to respond as there were no questions to answer. If he was bringing 'prospective tenants', so be it.

Over the weekend, I noticed the rent on this townhouse was lowered to the amount I pay now instead of the increased rent he was asking if I renewed the lease. I guess he finally realised he was not going to get the price he wanted seeing how there are houses to rent nearby with lower rents. Still, I would prefer owning a house instead of renting one despite the other costs associated with ownership.

After school, I drove the children over to the new house so they could have their afternoon treat. Before we left, I loaded the minivan with some items from my closet since we were already going to the new place.The sandwich ice cream treats were part of yesterday's Easter picnic which never happened due to our going to see the play in the early afternoon. So, the three had part of the picnic today. They were thankful about both the house and the ice cream sandwiches.

We returned to the townhouse after the children finished eating the ice cream and they then started on their homework. All three children are looking forward to moving to the new place as soon as possible. I am looking forward to the change as well. The chaos of a home waiting to be organised can become too much to deal with at times and it is then we crave the comfort of home.

Living out of boxes and then having to search for the one needed item buried at the bottom of a box somewhere in the garage can be unnerving at times. My desire is to start living at the new place this weekend. Tomorrow will be a day of moving whatever I can to the house. It will be the sense of urgency which gives me the energy to continue emptying this townhouse in as quick a manner as possible. Tomorrow night will no doubt be another night of good rest after a day spent moving.