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Anna Jarvis' intentions were pure and good when she set out to put Mother's Day on the modern-day American calendar back in the early 1900s. Though she was not a mother herself, she wanted a day where mothers were honoured for everything they did for their children but did not anticipate the commercialism which ensued. As a result, she spent much time and her own funds trying to undo which she set out to accomplish.

These days we are inundated with store displays and advertisements urging us to spend money on this made-up holiday. Children are conditioned as soon as they enter school to do something special for their mothers on this one day of the year. We as mothers have also become conditioned to expect to receive something or to be taken out for breakfast, brunch, or some kind of meal. This, in turn, places much stress on both spouses and children to do something or give something for fear mothers become upset if their expectations are not met.

As soon as we have children, we are mothers and fathers every day of the year. Every day is a celebration of parenthood as difficult as this role may be. My three children seemed to stress about not having enough to give me. They wrapped drawings they made in school with Christmas wrapping paper affixed with tape and glue. Saffron was particularly proud of her ceramic creation she made in art class for me. I thanked them for their gifts but told them I did not need any gifts nor expect them. I told my children they were my gifts and we do not need a made-up holiday to stress over what society tells us we need to do.

Whilst some people might view my musings as harsh, we cannot deny the truth of these manmade holidays as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and many others. The holidays we should be celebrating are birthdays and anniversaries as those have deeper meanings for us and signify the birth of both a human and a relationship. Though I realise my children have good intentions as Anna Jarvis did, I never want them to feel as though they have to do something simply because society tells them they should.

My dear children...pick me a flower from the yard on a random day. Make me a drawing or scribble a few thoughts on a piece of paper whenever the urge strikes you. Give me a hug and tell me you love me any day of the week, but please do not feel the need to give in to this modern-day society filled with commercialism and greed, as I am your mother every day of the year.