bare tree 515

'I want to look more handsome' Sage was telling me as we drove to my place. The discussion started when I explained to him our plan for the evening upon our return to my place. He was to first take a shower and then change into other clothes before dinner. Though I explained to him how he is already handsome, he insisted he wanted to look like the people in movies with nice clothes.

The nice pair of green plaid shorts with a grey long-sleeved shirt was good for him. My boy was happy and satisfied at his now looking handsome. After he was dressed, we sat on my bed as Sage recalled a dream he had about white squares in the sky which made sounds. As he tried making the sounds, I asked if they were perhaps the sounds of thunder. 'No', he replied, and then tried the sounds again.

Our conversation turned to food as Sage said he wished there was such thing as a pea soup jumpy house where you can stop to eat pea soup when you got tired. It was truly something which never crossed my mind, but somehow the thought had entered my boy's mind. He then asked if he could have pea soup for his birthday tomorrow as something healthy to eat.

The drive home today was an hour earlier than usual as I needed to stop by two grocery shops for food for tonight's dinner. Our simple dinner consisted of soft tacos made with refried black beans, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and avocado. Sage noticed the difference in beans as I had to buy another brand due to Whole Food's store brand cans being out of stock.

Salsa which I added to the beans to help with the difference in flavour turned out not to be a good decision as my son could tell something was different. Despite that, he finished his dinner and was delighted to have vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies which looked like Oreo cookies but were an organic version.

At the end of dinner I explained to Sage there was much to clean up in the kitchen and throughout the house. He looked at me and said he did not wish for me to clean so that I could spend more time with him. I told him that is exactly what I planned to do as cleaning can wait but spending quality time with him could not.

Tomorrow is a day my son has been looking forward to for months as he counted down the days to his birthday. As a parent, you believe you need to make all sorts of preparations so as to not disappoint our children. We teach our children to expect extravagant birthday parties when all they really want is our undivided attention and a few special gifts. And of course the birthday cake. When we stop to listen, we learn how simple it is to make our children happy.