the hideout 516

Sometimes, our expectations of how something should be turns out to be quite different from the 'perfect' version our minds show us. As we attempt to measure up to the version of perfection, we find ourselves feeling disappointed and are left wondering how we can do more, be better, and give more.

The scene in my head of how this day should have been was far different from the actual events of the day. There were no decorations, no balloons, and nothing other than cake and gifts which would distinguish this day from the rest.

We drove to city centre to enjoy the morning at The Hideout. My son seemed to like this time together at the coffeehouse but found our walking around town 'boring' as he found shopping for food for the next week.

sage in yard 516

Some things cannot be done differently. The way things were done in the past has changed. At the moment, I have to use my weekends to get done what I could not during the work week and to catch up on sleep I have missed out on as well.

Despite expectations not having been met, I came to the realisation that I have done all I could in my powers today. Though I love my children, I know that some days will be less than perfect whilst others will be better. Life is ever-changing but love is the constant we rely on to keep us grounded and help us move forward with realistic expectations in mind.

sage cake six