sunday bare tree 517

The rain persisted throughout most of the day and let up sometime in mid-afternoon. The loud and long beep from the NOAA weather radio prompted Sage to come to the kitchen where he asked if it was 'cat and dog rain'. I laughed as it was not a phrase I thought he knew. He told me he heard about the phrase from Saffron. I told him 'yes, it is cat and dog rain'.

We sat down to breakfast. A special Sunday breakfast after his birthday called for a slice of his birthday cake. The spiced carrot cake I made in a 5-inch baking pan so the slices were rather small but we saved the last piece for his sisters. They will have cake tomorrow night when all three return to my place the remainder of the week.

Sage wanted to go with me to the store to buy bottled water for the week. Afterwards, he wanted to go to his father's house to open more presents. I obliged and dropped him off in front of his father's house shortly before noon. I told him I will miss him but will be back tomorrow after work to pick up all three of them.

Before I dropped off Sage, I stopped to check for any mail since it had been over a week since I last looked. A warning letter from the utility district was amongst the pile of letters letting me know I was in violation of the rule of eight inches regulating the length of grass in the front yard. I walked over to the neighbor and asked if they had any recommendations as to a lawn service company. They suggested I ask the neighbors across the street but told me they would have no problem running the mower across the driveway to care of the overgrown grass.

Later in the afternoon when the rain stopped, I heard the sound of a lawnmower in my front yard. The man next door was kind enough to mow the lawn and tall weeds. He did not have to do this but chose to do a good deed for someone in need. With all of the difficult times I have experienced lately, it is encouraging to know there are still selfless and kind people in this world filled with malevolence.