backyard 501

The month of May appeared today, yet it seems not long ago it was the first of April. A third of the year has now passed us by with another two thirds left to go. In a month, the children will be out of school and ready to enjoy the hot summer months whilst parents wonder how to keep them entertained until August arrives and they return to school.

My three children would have been with me this evening had I been able to set up the house to a usable state. Not wishing to place more of the moving stress on them as last time when we all slept on the floor for a week, I asked their father to keep them over the weekend so I could have time to get things ready for them after school. I am amazed at how adaptable children can be, particularly during such difficult times.

This weekend will be a time for me to catch up on much needed sleep so I can take on the great task of setting up the basics of a new place. There are beds to put together, bathrooms to set up, a pantry to clean and fill, and boxes to move around to locate the bare necessities. But the most important part of the house to set up is the kitchen as it is the heart of a home. Anything else can wait for another time.

Coffee, music, and determination will get me through the weekend’s work. I look forward to my first cooked meal in this house as I have been living on bread, cheese, pistachios, and fruit for most of this past week. When there is chaos in the kitchen, we tend to stay away and look for simple foods to eat. But there comes a time when simple is simply not enough.

My boyfriend has a day off tomorrow and we both look forward to spending some time together albeit not in the sense we would like. Skype is the best we have, even if it means my being able to see him on my small iPhone screen. Since his boss refused his vacation request for July, we have had to come up with Plan B. It will mean waiting a while longer to see each other again but the option seems a better one if all goes as planned.