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Sometimes nothing seems to make sense. The slow progress of a new life. Wondering when the time will come when things will make a turn for the better. Waiting seems to be part of the daily routine. Waiting for the postman to deliver the important papers. Waiting for messages to make their way across the ocean. Waiting for a time when technology will cease to play such an important role in our future together.

Though waiting is difficult, our desire to move forward is strong. We look forward to the day when we can end the day together. When we can prepare and share meals at the same table. When walking hand in hand is no longer a memory but a reality. But memories are all we now have.

Challenges are part of everyday life. Alone but together though far apart. It is something which makes little sense but has become a way of life for now. The future seems so distant but one day we will understand why some days had to be senseless, like today.