williams sonoma 530

The weekend started early. Shortly after 09,00h we were out the door and driving to city centre where the children requested to eat their beloved Whole Foods tacos. 'Two', they all said on the way there. I have learned by now that they actually can finish two of the black bean, cilantro lime rice, and cheddar cheese tacos and still have room to eat the samples throughout the store afterwards.

The store was already crowded with people clad in yoga pants and workout tops. The line at the taco bar was long. As such, I had the children go outside to find us a table. Next to the table they chose was a young couple, also in sports attire, accompanied by a boxer dog. When they left, the young lady looked at me and said I had three beautiful children who were well-behaved.

Many times whilst eating out, I would often hear people comment on how well-behaved my children were. I remember a lady saying something similar to me the first time Saffron flew on a plane when she was almost a year old. This has always made me wonder how other children behave if my children are considered mannerly.

After breakfast, we walked around the store for a few items needed for the last week of school. 'There are so many samples', I heard Saffron say as we made our way around the store. As I was outside getting a cart, the children discovered the sample of granola - hemp granola, to be exact.

Their little hands were full upon my return and they insisted we buy a box of the tasty granola to accompany their breakfast yogurt. I obliged this request but refused the next one which was the vanilla sandwich crème cookies. I try to limit the sweets from time to time but indulge them every once in a while. White cheddar cheese was the last sample they had before we left the store.

Our last stops were Williams Sonoma and Trader Joes. At Williams Sonoma, the children were disappointed to find the lack of food samples that are available as one enters the store. It was still early in the day and the ice cream was in the process of being made as we left the store. The children insisted on the citrus-flavoured sparkling water being offered.

Next door at Trader Joes, Cinnamon found cranberry hibiscus juice in small cups being offered in the back of the store. I was worried about her spilling the intense red-coloured juice on her white outfit but she assured me she would be careful. Her sister was careful as well and both girls were happy I let them have one more sample before we left for home.

When we arrived home, Sage started the 'I'm bored' routine until I told him he had to find something to do. Learning to find something to do on your own is a useful skill for the children to do as some parents feel the need to over schedule their children's lives. This, in turn, leaves a child unable to do anything on their own the times when nothing is scheduled.

It did not take long for the children to find something to do as they went upstairs and kept busy playing games in the girls' room. They made do with the little toys they have at my place and were not hungry until dinnertime. All three sat on Saffron's bed tonight to enjoy watching 'Narnia' for Saturday movie night on my laptop as I said goodnight to my boyfriend on Skype. The last weekend of the school year was off to a good start.