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Today was the first day we walked home from school. The clouds were looming up above and I worried it would rain the two blocks it took to get back home. The children were excited to walk home but wanted to stop by the playground which was on our way. I told them there were two people coming to our house in the next hour and we needed to be home.

The cable guy was the first person to show up. When compared to 'disgruntled Santa Claus' who showed up later regarding the dryer, the cable guy was a professional. He knew what he was doing, got the job done in minimal time, and even had the contractor booties to slip onto his heavy work boots for those people, like me, who do not allow shoes in the house.

Having had experience with so-called professionals showing up whilst owning a house, I have come to know the difference merely by their demeanor and sound of voice. I had a bad feeling yesterday when the appliance guy called to let me know I was his last call of the day and he did not feel like waiting the three hours until our scheduled appointment. I told him I was on my way home to pick up the kids from school and could be home two hours earlier.

He told me he would have to call his boss to see if he could accommodate my request. My guess is he simply did not feel like working. His call back to me confirmed my suspicion as he proceeded to tell me his boss denied the request and needed to reschedule for today. Reluctantly, I agreed but should have cancelled and called a real professional.

When the appliance guy showed up today, it took less than two minutes for me to send him away. I asked if he could remove his shoes. No, it was against company policy. 'Do you have contractor booties', I asked him. 'No, do you', he asked me. I ushered him inside through the garage door which is next to the laundry room but cleaned the floor as soon as he left.

He asked what the problem was and I wondered if he even looked at his notes from my call. Apparently not because when I told him the machine was not even a year old, he told me to call Maytag to schedule someone to come out as he would charge me. I promptly sent him away and continued with my evening.

The children busied themselves doing homework downstairs on our dining/coffee table which I was able to set up late last night after they fell asleep. The lack of a functioning clothes dryer did not bother me as most important was the fact I now finally had 'The Internet'. It turned out the cable modem needed to be reset by the company but only after the outside line was activated the day before. All is well in our little world as life starts on a new path to normal.

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