sage sladoled

Fear has a way of stopping us in our tracks. We think and rethink, and then we wonder some more how something we previously thought we wanted to do could possibly work. We come up with one excuse after another instead of forging ahead and not giving fear a chance to destroy our plans for the future.

Courage and determination are needed to push us past our fears to a place where we imagined ourselves as content with our decision. Certainly naysayers will try to sway our decision to move forward, offering more excuses as to why we should not undertake a seemingly impossible mission. But staying focused on our goal is imperative to our successes.

We worry needlessly as we go through every possible scenario in how something might turn out. 'What if' becomes a question we ask ourselves often enough as we go through these scenarios. But what if we simply went with our gut feeling, our instinct, our intentions as we set out to carry in the beginning. What if we did not give up, rather moved forward with the determination not to let fear win.