trees suas view

A relaxing Saturday at the coffeehouse sitting at my favourite table by the window overlooking the square, enjoying a cappuccino and scone. I wait for him to arrive and we sit, knowing we have but a few days left.

Afterwards, we walk to the bookstore. Actually the two in the town. We look at the books and find a few we both like but decide not to buy them this time. At the B&B I started reading an old book by a new-to-me author. I read only the first fifty pages of Blind Fury and discovered new titles by this author. The old books I will have to find elsewhere.

There is always someone familiar as we walk around town. We talked for a few minutes with a friend of his who was also a former roommate last summer. In the afternoon we spent a few hours listening and watching music videos with his current roommate.

The evening we visited other friends a short drive out of the centre of town. A young couple we have visited times before. We drank wine and caught up on the time since we last saw each other last year some time.

All in all, it was a nice Saturday with friends made in a faraway country.