thru window

We slept in late this Monday morning. We planned on meeting for our usual cappuccino at Suas Coffeehouse. I knew it would be longer than the 15 minutes to half an hour he told me it would take but I did not mind as I could take advantage of that time at another favourite place of mine. Bookstores are my sanctuary, my happy place.

The town's largest bookstore was a block down in the opposite direction from Ennis Bookshop, the independent bookstore. I perused the aisle looking for the book I had been reading at the B&B but was unable to find it. I did find it in Galway yesterday and should have simply purchased it but I did not. Instead, I found another book written by a first time author.

The book, Who is Alice?, is about a young woman with two children living as a mistress to an Irish government official who is now trying to erase her out of his life. I found it interesting that she lives and writes about Galway seeing how we just visited the city yesterday. More interesting is the fact the author took to writing as a hobby whilst staying at home with her three young children.

In addition to the debut novel, I purchased two more books to include one for him. My hope is that one day in the future we sit together on our daybed couch and read together. In the future, that is. For now, I sit alone and read. I also found magazines for my children and looked for book for them but will save that search for tomorrow.

At the coffeehouse, I sat at my table by the window and marveled at the warm and sunny weather. I reflected on the fact we have been so lucky with the weather this trip. So far, there has been no rainfall beside the few sprinkles on the last day in Killarney. I ordered the potato leek soup whilst I waited for him. Though the soup was filling, I could not pass up my usual scone.

When he arrived, we enjoyed our cappuccinos and the time we had together as soon those times will be but a memory. Afterwards, we walked to another bookstore where I selected several nice German pencils for my children. Setting up our house to be usable is my priority for the summer. I plan on having everything set up and looking like home when the children return to stay with me this August.

The rest of the day we spent walking around town, reading, and relishing in the fact we are able to be physically together as opposed to interacting via technology on our screens from across the world. Though we stayed in town today, it was another day we had to enjoy and learn more about each other.