ennis 0615

The last day of vacation holds certain expectations, disappointments, and uncertainties. The expectation of a pleasantly memorable time spent together. The disappointment of the time being more aloof than filled with compassion. The uncertainty of what is to come.

A final visit to the coffeehouse ended up in my having to wait alone longer than anticipated. Then there is the avoidance of discussing the inevitability of my leaving in the morning. Instead of cherishing every precious moment we had been given, minutes and hours were squandered away.

An ideal time together would have meant enjoying the things we are unable to do otherwise. Sharing breakfast together. Taking walks hand in hand. Going to a nice restaurant for a last dinner we would remember for months to come.

Nine hours from now I leave for the airport. As soon as I board that plane the memory of this day will forever be the most unpleasant part of this vacation aside from the last day in Killarney. The time we lost can never be regained. The time spent away from each other when we could have cherished those last moments are gone.

The question which keeps going through my mind is why. Why did this have to happen. Why, on my last day, did he choose to meet with friends he could have met tomorrow or the next day instead of spend every minute together. The answers of this aloof farewell are not clear to me and hold a great disappointment.