bird in tree

The alarm went off at 05,30h. I had set it this early to allow myself half an hour of time to be able to talk with my boyfriend before he went to work this morning.

There was a Viber message already on my phone from earlier stating he was awake at six his time which would make it midnight my time. He couldn't sleep. I also could not sleep after our brief call so I awoke and read a couple pages from my new book before I readied myself for the day.

After a shower and simple breakfast of bread with butter and cheese, I set out for a long morning of food shopping. We texted each other throughout the day and he called me for a moment to simply hear each other.

A long distance relationship has challenges beyond distance. It tests one's patience to the fullest but it also strengths our resolve. There will be difficulties but we can overcome them as we already expect them. There will be failures but we will move past them as we visualise our goal of being together in the end.

If pretending I am on a business trip makes things easier for us, then so be it. I am on a business trip getting things organised so that we can be together one day in the future. Though that future may not be as soon as we had hoped, it is something we both have decided needs to be done as giving up is no longer an option. As he so often states: 'This is done.'