simply clouds

If only we could return to living a simple life as in previous days without technology getting in the way of every precious moment. Without the need to advertise to the entire world our intentions for the day. Without sending text messages to our loved ones who are in the same room as us. Without needing to post on all social media outlets how 'perfect' our lives are.

Technology has its good points but with it comes the bad as well. We can hardly go a day without 'unplugging' from our devices. We absolutely must see what 'they' are doing on Facebook today. But what is more important than the people directly in front of us. We have sacrificed entire relationships for the sake of not being able to disconnect.

Whilst waiting in line at stores we automatically reach for our phones as a distraction. No longer are we communicating with the people around us as before. We have in a sense become afraid to be alone with our emotions, our thoughts. We can no longer function without our phones by our side as we absent mindedly reach for them whenever there is a lull in conversation.

The message we are sending our children, the future of this world, is one of apathy and arrogance. They learn from our example as can be seen by countless young children now with their heads bowed down to their devices as if worshiping them instead of cherishing and living this precious life they have been given.

The situation has gotten to the point where we now need a 'National Day' to tell us disconnect from all devices for a period of 24 hours in order to focus on our families and loved ones. Does nobody notice how absurd this is. Not many seem to question or be overly concerned with our increasing dependence, our addiction, to something which pulls us away from enjoying the present moment.

What if instead of unplugging for 24 hours we made the decision to permanently cut off at least one of the social media outlets we use. What if instead of writing a message to our friends online we picked up the phone or at least sent them a personal email if phones are not an option. What if we picked up a book instead of streaming endless movies online.

What if we simply lived life instead of advertising every waking moment of it to the world that cares not about what you are having for breakfast or that you are sitting at a fancy restaurant or are on some exotic trip. What if you stopped caring what others think and started to care about living the best life you can without the constant validation from others. What if we reclaim the time lost and added it to the hours we have yet to live.