summer camp 629

The day started earlier than normal on a summer day as it was the first day of summer camp. I was tired after having had to tell the girls last night to get to sleep hours after they should have already been asleep. As such, I did not make it upstairs to the gym to workout but instead returned home to catch up on more sleep.

Had there been space in last week's camp, and had I thought of this earlier, they would have gone then as well. Initially I thought of sending them to a farm camp but with the rains and threat of more rain, I decided against it. Since the children spent a week here last year, they already knew what to expect and I knew that it was worth the price I paid for having them have fun for ten hours each day.

Though I intended to return to sleep after coming home, I first sat at my computer and checked the airline prices for next week's flight. I kept checking at least twice an hour thinking the prices would go down to a reasonable amount but was disappointed when they did not.

Whoever said Sundays and Mondays were a good time to buy tickets were mistaken. Wednesdays have proven to be lowest in my experience but I have never waited until a week and a half before my departure to book a flight. Regardless of the price I will be in Ireland by the end of next week to start an important and new chapter in our lives together.

I arrived at the gym to pick up the children ten minutes before 18h. Saffron let me know she wished me to come later tomorrow so she could play longer but I informed her the ten hours was up and was plenty of time to play. They each had something to tell me about their day starting with the girls having done yoga upstairs during quiet time which they seemed to enjoy greatly.

Saffron was not pleased about her sister having climbed to the top of the rock wall three times whilst she herself made it only once. Both girls passed the swim test and thus got to swim in the deeper water whilst Sage remained in the shallow area. I was worried about Sage enjoying himself as I remember he did not have much fun last year but he surprised me by telling me he had a good time today.

Despite the early start to our day, it was a fun first day of summer camp for the children as they played and made new friends. By the end of the week they will have more memories to take with them as we part ways for the rest of summer.