saffi secret garden

'This is my secret garden', explained Saffron from high up in the tree she climbed. The back yard is filled with trees which the children love, particularly the climbing trees of which there are two. The other ones are not suitable for climbing as they are either too young or have no stepping branches offering a way up the trunk. Regardless, I am glad the yard provides the children some entertainment no matter how short a time they decide to spend outside.

The mosquitos do not make it easy to want to remain outside for too long. As soon as the back door is open, a handful of mosquitos are waiting to come inside. Perhaps burning some incense might help or placing a few mosquito repellant plants on the patio.

A quick search on the Internet suggests citronella plants, basil, rosemary, thyme, lavender, and peppermint as natural mosquito repellants. These are all plants I used to grow at the old place. However, having a covered patio now, in addition to the shade in the yard, I am wondering if the herb plants would be able to survive. It is at least worth a try.

Today was the last full day I was able to use to get something done around the house. Tomorrow would be a day of broken schedules as each child has something going on at school at different times during the day. As such, I took the time today to work on putting together my bed which involved washing the bed frame and placing both the box spring and mattress on the frame. The only thing left is the washing of the bedding.

After all is done, it will be the first time in close to 15 years that I will have a complete bed at home as I have been sleeping on only the top mattress set on the floor for all that time. My old black bed frame from college was discarded in the move to Colorado. It was my favourite frame as it required one mattress, so it was not so high.

This frame is one I purchased last summer and is also black but requires the use of a box spring which has been stored in the old garage since I moved to Texas from California. The bed I now set up to face the window to watch the sky during the thunderstorms and rain albeit my hope is for no more of the intense weather we have had the weeks previous.

Another day and a half and the children will be finished with the school year. Children will have to adjust to the long and sometimes boring days of summer whilst parents count the days until the new school year commences. Saffron's secret garden will be waiting for her when she and her siblings return to my place in two and a half weeks. What we will do during the two weeks I have them later this month is yet to be determined. Until then, I look forward to relaxing in my own 'secret garden'.