sunny 606

Today was the first day in a long time I have had time to focus on the house since the move from the old place was completed back in April. From getting my first job in close to a decade to getting through the end of the school year, I have had little time or energy to do much else but exist in survival mode.

Though I had hoped to have made more progress today, I realise things will take a while to feel 'normal' - or as close to normal as one can get in a rental. I also realise I will get more done during the long summer weeks the children will not be with me, particularly if I am unable to find employment. Every little step helps and progress will be evident by the end of summer.

The most significant accomplishment today was washing all of the components of the nine individual sweater dryer racks. When stacked, the tower is 4 feet (121 cm) tall. At some point, I might get more of the dryer racks but for now the nine will suffice as clothes do not take too long to dry.

Other projects in the works include making the outdoors usable. A small grill, some café string lighting, and perhaps a small table with chairs would be ideal to enjoy meals outdoors this summer. I am certain the children would love to have a small cedar birdhouse to hang on one of the trees in the backyard. Watching the squirrels and birds whilst eating meals is something they remember from years past.

Whilst there are many things I would like to do to start living in this newest rental, a short break of my own is much needed to recharge and gain a new perspective on the future. As much as I would have preferred this to take place next month when I had more time, sometimes we need to simply take advantage of any time given to us to enjoy the moment to the fullest.