summer flowers ennis

I felt a bit like a local when a woman in her car stopped to ask for directions early this Sunday morning and I knew how to direct her to Dunnes store. It was not quite 09,00 as I set out for a walk about town. I made my way over the bridge of the River Fergus and ended up by the Ennis Courthouse where I saw a woman jogging in the nearby park.

The Tim Smythe park has a running track, soccer field, basketball court, a children's playground, and an outdoor of sorts. I took advantage of both the outdoor gym and the running track as I jogged two rounds.

On my way home, I stopped by Dunnes store to get shower gel, a shower puff, frozen berries, milk, and yogurt when I saw the lady from the car. We chatted for a few minutes as she let me know she is from Dublin but makes her way to Ennis once in a while.

Once home, I was glad about the smoothie blender from his roommate and set about making a frozen berry smoothie with a banana for our healthy breakfast. Having breakfast together was lovely and something we plan on taking full advantage of this month I am here. 

He readied for work and I jumped in the shower and got ready for the day after he left. The first stop was the coffee shop for my cappuccino and scone. The Nicaraguan coffee beans made for a lovely cup of coffee which I greatly enjoyed. Tomorrow we hope to make it to the coffee shop together before he leaves for work.

Afterwards, I walked to Aldi for a handful of items to include local strawberries, bell peppers, Edam cheese, and arugula and decided to go home after taking some photographs along the way. Tired from yesterday's trip and the jog this morning, I ended up sleeping the rest of the afternoon awaking after 18,00 to eat two veggie sandwiches and the tiny strawberries I bought earlier.

He arrived home earlier than he usually would if I was not here which was a lovely surprise. Tomorrow he plans to come home even earlier which means I will plan for a lovely dinner with the bell peppers and perhaps couscous. It was nice to be together in person at the end of this sleepy Sunday instead of on screens across the world six hours apart.