dark clouds

Despite the sprinkling of rain drops this morning and my feeling tired, I made it to the outdoor gym for my workout as yesterday. Our morning did not start out as previous mornings as we are both adjusting to what life would be like if we were living together in one home. But we are not and know that the time when we will be together is further away than we would like it to be.

We did manage to have our morning smoothie with whatever ingredients were leftover. Tomorrow will require another trip to the shop for more food but the last two peaches, one banana, milk, and a splash of cream was the healthy breakfast we shared for a brief moment before I left on a walk around town. After my return, he left for work and I stayed home the rest of the day.

There was no visit to the coffee shop today. No coffee. No scone. I had intended on buying what I needed for making scones today but instead felt I needed more sleep. I slept for four hours this afternoon and missed the time I could have gone to eat spring rolls and fries at his work. Afterwards was too busy at the pub, I reasoned, so I would see about going tomorrow.

Relationships are challenging but also rewarding. There will be days filled with sunshine and happiness but there will also be the days with clouds looming over us as we go about our way attempting to figure out our next steps.

As long as we make an effort to see past the clouds and take one step at a time, we will be able to enjoy the life we have today without waiting for tomorrow.