ennis after 6pm

It is my seventh day here in Ennis living a somewhat normal everyday life. I can hardly believe last month I stayed a mere nine days as it seemed too short a time for a visit but any time we get to spend together is better than no time.

Contrary to last month's visit when there was no rain in sight, the days without rain are rare this time. I keep thinking how lucky I was with the sun on Wednesday on my trip to Galway. Today the wind howled from morning until evening and was accompanied by the occasional downpour which lasted less than five minutes at times.

He suggested I skip my workout this morning which was good since my back was aching from all the days running. It is not something my body is used to doing on a regular basis so a day off was a good decision. Instead we went to Dunnes for a few items we needed for smoothies and such. It was nice to spend the morning together before he left for work.

As he went his way, I went to Aldi and later back home. Tired once again in the early afternoon, I slept two hours before going to The Poet's Corner for spring rolls and chips which he prepared for me. This time I remembered that 'fries' are called 'chips' in Ireland. The food was tasty as always and enough that I did not have to eat dinner.

When I returned home I made lemon poppy seed scones and washed one of his uniforms. He let me know I should have waited for him to bring the other one tonight as he has the weekend off. It was a time I should have listened to my instinct as it told me to wait but I did not. Lesson learned and not a mistake I will be making again.

Walking the streets of Ennis, one notices they are bare at six in the evening when all of the shops have closed but come alive later in the evening as people frequent the bars. I am glad he came home earlier today. After six days of hard work, he is ready for two days of not having to stand on his feet all day in a hot kitchen. It will be a 'normal' weekend living a family life.