rainy sunset

Hello my three children. I am writing to you via my blog since this is the only way I am able to 'communicate' with you at this time. I have sent you, Saffron, four emails so far whilst I have been in Ireland but I am guessing you do not have access to your iPhone. My phone does not work here but we can see each other on Skype. We both would love to see you three.

Though I have asked your father to keep me informed as to where you are going this summer, he refuses to answer my emails and multiple inquiries about your summer plans. I do not want you three to think I am not thinking of you or that I do not wish to speak with you. I think about you every day and wonder what and how you are doing.

For weeks before school was out for the summer, I have asked where he plans on taking you three during these five weeks you are away from me. As your mother, I believe I have a right to know. For some reason your father believes this is an intrusion into his personal life and refuses to discuss anything with me including my pleas about not sending you girls to cheer camp.

One day I hope you three will understand why I did what I did. I did it for you mostly as I did not wish for you three to grow up believing what you witnessed whilst we all lived together was the model of a loving relationship. Though things will be difficult for some time with my finding work and a new home for us all, it is much better than having to live as we did.

One thing to remember, my dear children, is that family always comes before money. Money helps, but it is not everything and should not be the reason to stay in any relationship. Love is the reason to stay whilst the lack of love is reason enough to leave even if it means we are not able to buy all the things we think we need.

We have each other and that is more valuable than anything else. As long as you have love, laughter, and happiness the details will be figured out in time.

Keep safe, my dear children, and I will see you in three weeks. Love, mama.