by queens ennis

Of the many things important in a relationship, one of them is being able to dine together as often as possible. There is something rewarding about getting to sit down and dine together at the beginning or end of the day to share both food and conversation. Certainly there will be times when work or other obligations get in the way of this but making every effort to do so is of utmost importance.

Such was the case last night when I informed him I was making a 'surprise' for dinner. As he walked into the flat, he thought for a moment I might have made something with meat as it smelled as such. I prepared our plates and set them on the coffee table in the living room. He wondered what it was that smelled so good but which contained no meat whatsoever.

It was meatless loaf which I had made countless times before, and something which is my oldest daughter's favourite dinner, so I was able to make it from memory. I resolved myself to the fact that one of the main ingredients was different than in the States, but I made it work and it tasted good. He commented that it even tasted like meat and he really liked it which was surprising coming from someone who eats meat for practically every meal.

Alongside the meatless loaf we had an assortment of raw vegetables to include baby tomatoes, cucumbers, and yellow bell peppers topped with Greek feta, sea salt, and fresh basil. The other item on the plate was a potato gratin. We enjoyed our meal together and caught up on our day.

Tonight there will be more of the meatless loaf along with something new I made with whatever was leftover in the small refrigerator. Sliced onions I sautéed in olive oil with shallots and red and green bell peppers. I then squeezed in a quarter of an orange and added Urfa chilies and sea salt. To that I will add the leftover plain spaghetti and will wait for his return from work tonight as we sit at the table and dine together once more.