swirling clouds

Love is many things but is mostly composed of those little things we often take for granted.

Love is when your chef boyfriend, who loves to eat meat, sits down with you after ten hours at work and eats the somewhat warm crust less vegetable quiche you prepared despite it being as salty as sea water.

Love is eating a frozen pizza together whilst watching the end of Frozen together though there are no children around.

Love is simply lying in each other's arms on a day off from work and saying nothing.

Love is when you can make each other laugh even at the end of a difficult day and despite the circumstances which work against you in keeping you apart from each other for months at a time.

Love is knowing the other person will be there for you during good days and bad days and knowing they will never give up no matter how crazy or difficult you may be.

Love is to be cherished when you find it and vowing to do whatever it takes to keep it going.