statues river fergus

Today was the one day during the week I took a break from my workout. Sometimes the body needs a day to recover and this Saturday proved to be a day of leisure.

Last night as we set out for a walk around town, we ended up at Knox's for two pints of Guinness. At a table near us were two guys and two ladies who were loud and boisterous and quite annoying at times. One of the guys was bragging how he never paid taxes in the past ten years. My boyfriend thought they might be from out of town based on how they acted as some sort of big shots in a little town. We minded our own business and enjoyed our evening together.

Today being his second day off from work, it felt like Sunday just as yesterday felt like Saturday. As we crawled out of bed, I set about getting ready for the day. We decided to meet up at the coffeehouse and have our usual smoothie afterwards. Knowing it would take him a while to meet up with me, I strolled into Eason's bookshop for five minutes.

I had hoped to get our usual table by the window at the coffeehouse but was too late as two old ladies seemed to have sat there minutes before I arrived. I ordered a cappuccino and scone and waited for him to arrive. The scone today was lovely. As my coffee was getting cold, I decided to finish the one before me and simply ordered another when he arrived.

I was happy when I saw him behind me at the coffeehouse as he arrived and thought how wonderful it was to have another day with him where he did not have to go to work. This trip we already decided would be without holidays but an extra one or two days would have been nice.

Tomorrow he returns to work for seven days straight before my final three days this summer. It seems this time has gone by too quickly and I am already wondering when we will get to see each other again this year.

The rest of the day we spent doing the normal things we would do if we lived together every day. Shopping for food, eating together whilst watching movies (today's movies were Dracula and The Beach), talking a walk by the river, and taking a nap which turned out to be much longer than intended. All in all it was a lovely leisurely Saturday.