key ennis

Sleep left me somewhere around 07,00 but I stayed in bed for another two hours before going for my morning jog at the park despite the drizzle once again. The morning was unlike other mornings which made the day seemingly without end.

There was no smoothie. No sitting together before he left for another long day at work. I showered, dressed, and left for the coffeehouse but wished for once he would have joined me for at least ten minutes.

Hours passed by slower than any day so far this trip but I would have preferred this slow pace on a day when we had time together. Though we both knew this trip would be different, it is still not a true depiction of everyday life, at least not for me. 

I considered taking a bus ride to Limerick today just to give me something else to do but the wind and rain earlier today was the reason I did not go. Reluctantly, I watched a few Krimis on ZDF to pass the time as I did not feel like reading today. At one point I had considered going to the pub to eat then changed my mind as I would be alone there as well.

Every day we get the chance to make things better than they were the day before. As this day without end draws to a close, I look forward to a more desirable tomorrow.