yellow windows

This time next week, I will be landing in Austin and returning to The Cave. Though neither of us wants to think what this means for us, it is inevitable. It is also uncertain when the next time will be when we see each other again as school is starting and employment needs to be found. For now we savour the few days we have together.

Today was like other days. Coffeehouse, shop for more food, then back to the flat to await his return from work. For dinner, I made a vegetarian chili that I intend to make into enchiladas as soon as he gets home. I know there is nothing in his power which he can do to come home earlier but I hope in the future we get to see more of each other and have similar working schedules.

Tomorrow he will find out which days off from work he will get before I leave. I can only wish for the last three days before my departure. After that we will have to rely on Skype once again and the odd hours for both of us. If all goes as planned, we just might see each other again for Christmas.