ennis at night

It starts before it even has a chance to end. The signs and advertisements informing us of summer's end and of the impending return to a school schedule. Shopfronts display posters informing parents to shop for back-to-school items though we would rather enjoy the last few weeks before the early morning schedules.

Looking around O'Mahony's bookshop, I decided to finally get a few things for my three children. Supplies which they have been asking for at my place since everything was left behind at their other house. There are a few more items which they will need but a coloured pencil set for each of them, and for myself, was one of my purchases of the day.

It will take a while for me to get past the 'starting over' phase, but in a sense we all start anew at some point in our lives. The weeks ahead will be filled with planning and organising and wondering how summer ended so quickly this year. The memories made with the experiences we have gone through will be with us forever as we look forward to next summer where we get the chance to make new memories.