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A flaw, a defect, a weakness are all alternate ways of saying something or someone is not perfect. Though there are times we might see ourselves as such, nobody is perfect. We are all flawed in one way or another and we can either worry about it or embrace it.

The ding on the side of the dresser, the scratches on the inside of the top drawer of the nightstand, the bottom drawer which does not quite fit flush are all imperfections which times before would have caused me to return it all in the quest for the perfect piece. Certainly a large flaw would call for a replacement, but such was not the case today when all but one piece of furniture was delivered.

In a perfect world, or in Martha Stewart's world, everything would be categorised, organised, and labeled in addition to being color coded and placed on shelves and perhaps cross-referenced in a binder. Such is not my world but with the new furniture in place things will be easier to find, particularly when it is time to pack for a trip.

The act of packing does not take long if we take time to put everything in its place. Having just returned from overseas a mere three weeks ago and not having had the furniture for even a day, the organisation will have to wait until I return from this upcoming trip. But perfection is not what I am expecting anymore.

Things are as they are and life keeps going despite our need to cross off everything on our to-do list. What we often seem to forget is that the list is never ending as we continue to add tasks to complete. There is no perfect world. There is no perfect person. In order to move forward, we need to be embracing imperfection and making the best out of the situation we have before us.