august rain

August has arrived. The sun came out this morning so my morning jog was possible though my knees did not approve. I do look forward to getting back to a regular schedule at the gym next week as soon as jet lag has released its control over me. Consistency is important.

I made it to the coffeehouse after having walked with my boyfriend to work and stayed there for half an hour this time as I wrote a recipe for zucchini cake. 'Did you enjoy your half hour', asked Conor. 'I did', I replied, though I was not quite sure why he asked me that question.

Afterwards I went to Dunnes for a few items I needed and returned home where I stayed the rest of the day. It was a productive day as I set about making the zucchini cake, pizza dough, and vegetable soup. The zucchini cake turned out good and we will see about the pizza and soup.

carries cakes

He arrived home late again though there was nothing he could do about it. The promises from his boss about getting to leave earlier during my visit this time have all been broken. All in all, he got one extra day during this entire time.

parnell street

My time here is drawing to a close as we have but three days left to spend with each other. The next time we will be together is unknown but we both hope it will be at least before the year is over.