brushing teeth saffi

My mind was elsewhere as I cut the dough into six rough pieces. As I was placing the pieces on the parchment paper covered baking sheet, I glanced over at the red container. The main ingredient. I had somehow forgotten to add the baking soda.

Wondering whether to toss the dough and start over or simply move forward, I decided to continue with this already half-hearted baking project. I scooped a tablespoon of the baking powder onto the dough and worked it into the ball I had kneaded back together. Once more, I flattened the dough, cut it into six pieces, placed them on the baking sheet, and placed them into the oven whilst hoping for the best.

The scones were a surprise for the children for our afternoon snack. As they baked, I set about making the Croatian coffee which was ready before I took the scones out of the oven. I placed one hot scone on each of the children's plates and we sat down at the table to enjoy our meal. Much to my surprise, the scones rose high and were tasty. We split the other two scones but the children would have preferred another whole one to themselves. Next time I vowed to write the recipe in my recipe journal instead of making it up on the spot.

The day was filled with frustration and defeat as I browsed jobs on Indeed and applied to as many as I felt I was qualified. At the end of the day I received my first rejection. The one which starts 'Thank you for considering...' and ends with '...we wish you success in your job search'. I have seen many of these types of emails in the past year and have no doubt I will see more. Still, I could not help wonder when my time will come.

Though throughout the day my spirits were down, they were uplifted at the end as I chatted with my boyfriend on Skype after dinner. His day was not any better but somehow our simply seeing each other made everything a little better. We talked for a while and wished, as we do every day, that we could be together in one home. Our day will come but for now it is comforting to know we are there to uplift each other's spirits at the end of each day.