the three 814

We said our goodbyes until the following Friday when we see each other again. My son insisted on staying, arguing how he had stayed at his father's place for too many weeks but I told him it was not possible this time. When they return, school will start the following Monday.

Though the intense heat of summer will no doubt continue for some time, the carefree feeling which children experience during those long summer months will soon be replaced with those dreaded early mornings along with those afternoons filled with homework. I am certain they will be wishing for those long days where they lamented how bored they were.

For the grown-ups it means getting out of bed before the children, preparing their lunches, and making sure a healthy breakfast is on the table. It also means coordinating and managing time so that everyone is out the door and on the way to school before the first bell rings. As sad as it is to say farewell to summer, we have the autumn season ahead of us.